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Save Time Every Morning With This Easy Way To Organize Kid’s School Clothes - DIY Closet Organizer

School mornings are almost always a challenge. Waking the kids up, getting them to the bathroom, changing their clothes, getting them to eat breakfast, packing their lunch and getting them out of the door on time to make it to school before the bell rings.

Now that my two little ones are in full-day school, I knew I had to get my act together to make the morning routine successful. I discovered a trick that has proven to work:

Pre-plan their outfits for the entire week and your kids simply have to grab and go!

I've been amazed at how well this has been working, and how quickly they get downstairs and are eating breakfast. We haven't been late or rushing any day!

I ordered these closet organizers from Amazon for just $9.

They have 5 cubbies which is perfect for the Monday to Friday school week. I designed and printed out these cute, chalkboard school-themed days of the week labels and placed them in each cubby.

After doing the laundry on the weekend, I load up the cubbies with full outfits (socks and vests, too!) and that's it! I don't have to think about school clothes for the rest of the week! The kids aren't scrambling in the morning trying to find outfits, and everybody's happier :)

You can get your own set of labels here in my Etsy shop. I also made "Saturday, Sunday, Weekend and Accessories" labels as well, if you want to further organize your life! They're easy to print from your home computer, fold and insert into each cubby.

Do you have any other great tips, tricks and hacks that save you time in the mornings? Please share!

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