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Watches That Give Back to the World! - Nordgreen Watch Review

Imagine you're looking to purchase a watch for yourself or as a gift, and you have thousands of choices in front of you. Now imagine that there are a few choices that would actually take a portion of what you are paying, and provide clean water for two months to someone in Africa... or pay for a child's education for two months in India... or preserve 200sqft of the rainforest in Latin America! Also imagine that in addition to that, a portion of your order would now provide a meal to a Covid-19 front line hero.

Wouldn't you choose one of those watches?!

Well, now you can absolutely do just that!

Introducing Nordgreen.

["Nord" - Nordic ; "Green" - Sustainability]

Nordgreen is an ethical and sustainable Danish company that creates beautiful, modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian designed watches, and prides themselves on being honest, sustainable and putting others first.

They are a Carbon Neutral company since they have planted thousands of trees to offset their carbon emissions generated by their office in Copenhagen. Equally, each of their global shipments has also been offset.

The watches themselves are very well made by the famous, award-winning Scandinavian designer Jakob Wagner. They come in a few main base designs, which you can then customize in many ways to get exactly what you're looking for.

The men's options are called "PHILOSOPHER", "NATIVE" and "PIONEER".

The women's options are called "PHILOSOPHER", "NATIVE" AND "INFINITY".

You start with the base design that you like and go on to choose the face size, dial colour, case colour, and strap material & colour that you like most, to create your own customized watch.

For the purpose of this review, I ordered the "Men's Native 40mm, Black Dial, Silver Mesh" watch for my husband.

It arrived very quickly (From Denmark to Toronto, it took only 7 days from pressing the "Place Order" button to having it in my hand).

As a former professional Package Designer, I must say the packaging was a joy to receive. It is very high end, sleek, sturdy and modern. A simple slide-out box reveals your beautiful timepiece.

More impressive and important, is that all of their packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. The cardboard paper used in their packaging comes from responsibly managed forests and the felt inserts inside of the box are formed using up-cycled plastic bottles.

The watch has a nice weight to it and the design options that I chose made it into a classy piece.

My husband's initial reaction was that the photos on the website, as much as they're completely accurate, doesn't do justice to how good-looking it is in person. He is very happy with it and impressed with the 40mm face size.

We went onto the Nordgreen website and chose the "Provide Clean Water in Africa" Giving Back Cause and simply entered the serial number at the back of the watch, and the Identification Number found on the Certificate of Authenticity and a donation was automatically made in our name.

"Every Nordgreen watch has a story."

You can be a part of the sustainable movement by purchasing from ethical brands such as Nordgreen and help to make a difference in the world!

[Thanks to Nordgreen for sponsoring this post. I received a Nordgreen watch in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.]

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