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Balance Is Key - Teaching Kids Essential Life Skills - Woodworking

The kids have been home for a couple of months now, and they still have about 4 more to go (at least!).

The hours of the days have pretty much been split up with playing, schoolwork, eating, playing, eating, fighting and eating 😄

In between all of that, we are trying to use this time to teach them some essential life skills that we probably would not have had the time to teach them if school and work were on as usual.

This past weekend, our 8-year-old son began learning about woodworking and tools. He did some basic hammering and then went on to build a "Pencil/Marker Holder" using a block of wood, drill, measuring tools and sandpaper.

First, he measured the sizes of his pencils and markers, and lined up the placements of the holes.

Then, with the help of dad, he drilled the holes using an electric drill. He learned about drill bit sizes and widths, which showed him a way that we use fractions in our daily lives!

Finally, he sanded the edges...

And he designed a picture on the face of his new "Pencil/Marker Holder"

He really enjoyed this project, and would likely continue with other woodworking projects.

Have you been doing "life skills" with your kiddies during this quarantine time? Post pics in the comments to encourage others and share ideas!

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