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Play Money Printables - DIY Kids STEM Learning - Designed by Trini Mama

Updated: May 4, 2020

Trini parents always put a lot of emphasis on their children's education and learning. Kids are expected to work hard academically from a young age, both at school and at home. I have carried on this practice with my own kids here in Toronto, and I am already seeing the benefits reflected in their schoolwork.

I am always looking for fun and creative ways of teaching them, and recently I thought of a tool that they can use at home to practice math.

Both of my kids like playing "store", so I designed some play money for them to use when they're doing their imaginary shopping. In this way, they're learning about currency, counting, addition and subtraction, without really noticing it.

I have designed 3 different currencies: Canadian (English and French), American and Trinidadian, and offer them as printables in my Etsy shop, so you can purchase 1 set, and print as many as you need.

Click these links to check them out:

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