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"Larry OB" Teacher Trophies - End of School Year Gifts - DIY Craft

In honour of the Toronto Raptors winning this year's NBA Championship, we decided to create our "End of School Year" gifts based on the BIG WIN!

As a professional Package Designer, I know that it's all about presentation! The gifts themselves were simple (gift cards, and some Raptors memorabilia) but the presentation was the main focus. We named all of the kids in class Grade 2 MVPs... and all of the teachers were the winning Coaches! Each teacher was presented with their very own Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy (Or "Larry OB" as Toronto now calls it) and the "net/cup" part contained their gifts.

It was quick and easy to make. Amazon had 20 gold party cups for $3... and everything else we had at home: cardboard, gold tissue paper, styrofoam balls, rubber bands, tape, glue and a marker.

1. Cut the cardboard into 5.5"x5" pieces and cover them with gold tissue paper.

2. Stick a cup on each piece of cardboard with glue and fill it with the presents.

3. Write the names of each teacher on the base with a marker.

4. Carefully place a piece of gold tissue paper over the top of each cup and keep it in place with a rubber band around the rim.

5. Covered each styrofoam ball with gold tissue paper and stick it to the top of the cups to finish them off.

You can use this idea for any sport, and any occasion! What about as favours for a sports themed birthday party? I would love to see pictures of your very own "Trophy Gifts!"

Happy Crafting! :)

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