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How To Put Together A Tiffany Inspired Party - DIY Crafts And Other Ideas

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

My daughter's name is Tiffany, and so it was fitting to celebrate her 1st birthday in "Tiffany & Co." style.

Whether it's a birthday party, baby shower, anniversary or any other special occasion this theme portrays class, beauty, elegance and luxury.

You may also choose to incorporate "Breakfast at Tiffany's" into your theme, and tap into Audrey Hepburn's famous style.

It doesn't take much to pull off this theme… all you need is the special "Tiffany blue" and lots of sparkle!

Here are some ideas to put together a Tiffany inspired party.

1. Invitations

You'll quickly realize that simplicity is the key with this theme. A basic Tiffany blue background, with the elegant recognizable white Tiffany bow and ribbon is all you need.

Dress the person of honour in diamonds, pearls, black sunglasses and/or white bows to add the final touch to the photo on the invitation.

You can get a wide variety of Tiffany inspired invitations on Etsy, or contact me to get this design.

[*Pro tip for designers - try Baskerville font]

2. Decor

This is the fun part! Start by sourcing Tiffany blue base items (also search for "teal" and "robin's egg blue")

Tables (Head table, side tables, guest tables etc.)

Decorate tables with full tablecloths, and slightly darker, possibly sequinned table runners.

Lay out silver serving trays, to put appetizers and desserts.

Fill glass bowls with marshmallows, white jordan almonds, white macaroons etc.

A great dessert find for this theme is "Lindt Lindor Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Truffles". The wrappers are the perfect combination of our colour and sparkle.

Get a couple tall vases for the ends of the tables, and top them off with teal coloured pom poms. Fill vases with pearls and diamonds, to add an amazing classy effect.

Finish off your layout with matching plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and straws.

Table Backdrop / Photo Booth

I used simple streamers, to create our backdrop - 2 different shades adds dimension and contrast.

I set up a photo booth wall, using streamers, a silver sequinned table runner, and some white ribbon. Use your imagination and resources!

Swags / Banners

Depending on your venue, swags and banners can complete the look in the "not as popular" areas around the room (Doorways, entryways, blank walls etc.)


This is where you can customize and add details that complete your theme. There are many printable packages available online (contact me to get this design), some of which even include the guest of honour's name and age (if desired!) Get items such as cupcake toppers, table centrepieces, signs, menus, food tent cards, water bottle labels, drink flags, favour bags, party hats etc. etc.


The main attraction of the dessert table… the gorgeous cake! We were lucky to have a friend make our cake (and mini cakes) designed as Tiffany jewelry boxes.

I also grabbed a "#1" candle from the dollar store, and simply put some glue stick on the coloured rim, put it in a ziplock with silver glitter and shook it! Instant blinged out candle :)

3. Games

So you've sent out your invitations, and prepared your decor. What's the next step? How do you keep your guests busy when they get here?! Answer: GAMES! Of course, it greatly depends on the occasion and audience, but how about Tiffany coloured bingo, word jumble, questionnaires, guessing games, advice cards etc?

Our guests enjoyed our spin on the "guess how many in the jar" game. We filled it with pearls/beaded necklaces, and the guest that guessed the closest to the number of beads in the jar, won the whole jar!

Also, a popular activity at parties these days are photo booths. We've talked about setting up the backdrop for it, but what makes it even more fun? The props! Audrey Hepburn black sunglasses, pearl necklaces, feather boas, wide brim hats, mustaches, fedoras… go crazy! Guest always enjoy posing with props!

4. Outfits

If your guests are willing, invite them to dress in Tiffany inspired style to attend the party. If they're not willing, at least you (the host) and the guest of honour can! Of course, that would mean little black dresses, high buns, pearls/diamonds, black sunglasses, and heels. For the guys, it depends on how formal they're willing to go… but probably not shorts and t-shirts ;)

5. Giveaways

Your party is finally wrapping up. Guests have had a wonderful time with great food, drinks, games, dancing, and enjoying time with friends and family. As they're heading out, it's time to give them a take home token for them to remember the fabulous party.

I got small Tiffany blue bags. The label read "Just for you - A little sparkle and shine from Tiffany's".

In the bag, each guest got a Kate Aspen diamond bottle opener (sparkle), Kate Aspen diamond wine bottle stopper (more sparkle), and a flashlight (shine ;). Clever, huh?

Luxury (feeling) items that people would actually use! It was a hit!

When planning a party, remember to have fun with it… don't make it stressful. Use your imagination and of course, always consider your budget. At the end of the day, spending time with friends and family is the most important part of the day. Enjoy!

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