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How To Make Valentine's Day Special For Kids - DIY Crafts And Other Ideas

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Christmas is over. The looong month of January is finally coming to an end… and everyone is looking forward to the next occasion to celebrate… Valentine's Day.

Of course, V-day is celebrated in many different ways, depending on your stage of life.

As a mom, the focus shifts to the kids, and it becomes a great opportunity to show them some extra special love.

It definitely doesn't mean going out and spending a fortune on a present… it means spending special time with them, and making memories that will last forever.

Here are 7 ideas to make Valentine's Day special and memorable for your kids:

1. A heart a day

If you're an early bird, you can start the V-day celebrations from February 1st.

For each kid, cut out 14 heart shapes from construction paper (reds, pinks, purples).

On each heart, write down a special quality, a reason you love them, something you're proud of etc.

Each night, when they're sleeping, stick one heart to their room door. When they wake up in the morning, they'll be happy and excited to see another heart go up.

By Valentine's day, you would have one big complete heart, made up with all the reasons that you love them. Awwww <3

2. Surprise heart shaped lunch treats

If you've got school aged kids, surprise them on Valentine's day with heart shaped treats. You can probably cut anything into heart shapes. Last year, I went with strawberries and cucumbers. Be creative!

3. Decorate the house

I'm not saying to compete with Christmas decorating or anything, but a couple kitchen towels and throw pillow cases can go a long way!

4. Prepare a special dinner

Roses and candles don't only have to be for couples… why not have a candlelight dinner with your whole family?!

Prepare/order in their favourite meals, put on some nice music and set up a "loving" dinner atmosphere.

5. Red clothes

I've noticed that RED clothing has become a must-have for various occasions throughout the year. Christmas concerts, Remembrance Day, Canada/Independence Day, Sporting events, and of course, Valentine's Day. If everyone in the house wears red for the day, it can bring a feeling of togetherness and enhance the excitement of the activities. Plus, it makes for great pictures :)

6. Cute, "punny" gift tags

Whether or not you give presents for the occasion, why not share some laughs with these funny, punny V-day gift tags? Choose a theme that suits your kids, and put a smile on their face when they "get the joke". They're also great to give out in classrooms!

There are 46 to choose from! Click here to check them out:

7. Valentine's episodes

After a full day of activities, why not wind down by cuddling up and watching some Valentine's Day cartoons? Most shows have a Valentine's/Love/Friendship episode. Your local kids network will probably be streaming them all day, or you can pick up your favourites, such as:

"Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown":

Whatever it is you choose to do with your kids this Valentine's Day, just remember your time and love is the best gift you can ever give… any day of the year!

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