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Freebie: Tooth Fairy Printable Package

Childhood tooth loss is an exciting time for both kids and parents. Many kids look forward to the visit from the tooth fairy, and to playing tricks with their new mouth arrangement! Lol :)

It's also a time for parents to reflect on their little ones, who are quickly growing up. That first tooth is the beginning of a new chapter of their lives!

When we were kids, the excitement was the same, but the props and pay outs were much less! These days, as with most things, parents have raised the bar on the tooth fairy game!

To keep up with the times, I have designed a "Tooth Fairy Printable Package" that I'm offering to you for FREE, as a thank you for visiting my site! Please share with friends and family who have little ones!

There are 2 colours available - blue and pink.

Each package contains the following:

1. Photo Prop - Fill in the form (I've lost my 1st tooth, Age: 6, Date: May 3rd, 2018) and have your child hold the sign while giving a big smile for a memorable photo!

2. Door Knob Sign - Hang this on your child's room door, so the Tooth Fairy will know which room has the tooth!

3. Tooth Loss Tracker - Print this once and fill it out for each lost tooth. Simply identify the tooth that was lost, and fill in the date that it happened.

4. Letter from the Tooth Fairy - This is a pre-written letter that you can leave under your child's pillow, along with the money, as an added personal touch!

There are also packages that you can purchase from Amazon that include special tooth fairy pillows, notepads and keepsake pouches:


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