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5 Unique And Clever End Of Year Teacher Gifts That They Will Love And Use

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Teachers are angels in disguise. They are with our children for 6 hours each day. They mould and shape our children's lives and leave a lasting impression.

As the school year comes to an end, many parents want to show their appreciation to the teachers that have had patience, understanding and kindness throughout the school year.

When asked, most teachers say they appreciate all gifts that they receive, and that simple homemade cards from the students are usually what mean the most.

While it's really the thought that counts, many parents still want to go the extra mile, and get gifts that would be appreciated and used. Here are 5 ideas:

1. Summer relaxation package

Last year, I put together summer/beach/lake relaxation packages for each of my son's teachers, and they all loved them!

Start by getting a nice big beach bag, such as:

Then fill it with items that they can use at the beach:

...and a magazine

Separately, they're all little things, but together it makes up the perfect relaxation package.

Finish it off by hanging the following tag on the bag, and your child's homemade card inside.

2. Patriotic/Team gear

With the Winter Olympics this year, I had the idea of giving everyone Olympic gear for Christmas, and it was a hit with everyone! (Teachers, Coaches… even out mailman!) We gave gloves and neck warmers. Since it was so well received, I started thinking… what about city sports teams gear? The recipient will be able to use it for years to support their country and/or city. Much better than another "#1 teacher" mug, huh? ;)

3. Luxury office/desk supplies

Another unique gift for a teacher (or anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk) is luxury office/desk supplies. Rose gold is very trendy right now… just imagine how beautiful these would look sitting on a teacher's desk! Get one or two items… or the whole set (depending on your budget!)

4. Rose gold accessories

Sticking with the rose gold theme, there are many classy gift ideas out there that anybody would love to receive. If your child's teacher is into technology, why not give luxurious rose gold charging cables or a mousepad! If you notice that your teacher has a good sense of style, you can give the gift of rose gold vanity accessories: canisters, makeup pots… even a light up vanity mirror.

5. Simple "punny" tokens

If you're looking for a simpler gift, it doesn't mean you can't make it clever! By attaching cute tags to an item, it will give your teacher a chuckle, and leave a lasting impression.

No matter what gift you choose, showing appreciation and recognizing the efforts of our teachers is always important. Even a little "Thank You" goes a long way!

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