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Toronto Raptors Viewing Party

Canada has Raptor fever right now! The Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. They are currently leading the series against the Golden State Warriors 3-2.

Last night was game 5, and they could have potentially won the entire championship... and Canada was ready for it! Unfortunately, it didn't happen (yet!)... they lost by a single point *heartbreaking!*.

Canadians all over the country were watching. A lot of people opted to watch in groups, and rightly so! These playoffs have brought fans together by the thousands!

Friends of ours tried calling around to some of the sports bars in the Greater Toronto Area during the day leading up to the game to make reservations, but everywhere was fully booked! We decided to all get together at our home instead to watch the game, because again, nobody wanted to watch alone... we needed to be together!

The kids and I decided to make it a party... at the very last minute! We used things that we already had in the house to create a fun Raptors Viewing Party.

We reused red tablecloths, that we had from previous parties, on tables and hanging on our "feature wall".

The biggest part of the project was creating the logo for the feature wall. We used a garbage bag, bristol board and some aluminium foil. We then printed out the letters and stuck everything together with tape and glue.

We then reused some red cups and tissue paper. We printed some Raptors logos, my son cut them out and we and stuck them on chopsticks and put them in the cups.

We made a kiddie corner with a basketball hoop and some balloons and balls for the kids to play during the game.

We also had Canada flags, party hats and blowers that we used to cheer the team on during the game.

As for food, we ordered pizza using game day discounts from Pizzaville and had all kinds of snacks to munch on during the game. Our friends also brought some awesome Raptors cupcakes to add to it all!

Everyone wore Raptors gear and brought flags. My husband was happy to use his projector for the BIG SCREEN effect. It was an awesome night overall, except for the last shot which was missed, of course.

This Thursday is GAME 6. We will surely be back in our "Raptors Cave" to watch again! Why don't you create a Raptors Viewing Party of your own... and be sure to share your pictures and ideas with us!

Go Raps!

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