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Coolest, Most Fun Way To Get Kids To Clean Up!

Most families with young kids have the ongoing problem of CLEAN UP.

Toys, dishes, dirty clothes, toys, drawings... did I mention toys?

I have read different tips, tricks and hacks about how parents get their kids to tidy up, and as much as there are some good ideas out there, I have discovered the ultimate way!

It's the coolest and most clever thing my husband and I have ever seen!

It's a method that the teachers at the kids' school use, so they knew exactly what to do, right away. (Apparently, they clean up their classrooms all the time... just not their own home!)

What's the secret?


Thaaaat's right. You announce that it's clean up time, and their MISSION is to get the room completely tidy before the song finishes.

You then loudly play the "Mission Impossible Theme Song" (from YouTube), and sit back and watch them clean the fastest they ever have. The song is about 3mins long, and to be honest, you'll be surprised how much they can clean in just 3 mins.

Most times, the room is totally tidy by the end of it all! :)

Try it! And let me know if it works with your little ones! Happy Cleaning!

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