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A Modern Take On The Traditional Family Tree - Printable Home Decor

Trees represent strength, stability and continuous growth. Their roots are their strong foundation, which enables the branches of the tree to spread out and keep growing.

People have been using this same theory for many years to draw out their extended and growing families. It's a visual drawing that shows the relationships between people in several generations of the family.

I recently got a request to create a family tree, and after some research, I discovered that these very traditional art pieces have taken quite a modern turn. They are now being displayed as calculated, geometric shapes, using modern home decor colour schemes that can be customized to match any room in the house.

What a great gift idea for grandparents and parents! They're also perfect for family reunions. Or what about creating a family tree for a new baby in the family? Do it the opposite way and start with the baby, and branch off from him/her.

I've created my own versions of this awesome concept, and will customize them completely to suit your family and needs. Customize the size, colours, names and dates!

Each family tree is only $74.99 CAD (appx $58 USD).

Here are my designs to choose from.

Email me at to get started!

1. Circular Wood Slice - A different angle of the tree!

2. Modern Circular - The most modern/minimalistic option

3. Modern Pine - How about a different species of tree?

Email me at to get started!

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